Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Medical Billing

In today's time the healthcare industry need a tremendous co-ordination, synchronization, and understanding among the various healthcare practices, in order to make the whole work and system hassle free, error-free, and smooth. The coordination between healthcare providers and the reliable Medical Billing Services would be the prime example of the same. However, as far as the Healthcare Providers are concerned, they require choosing a Medical Billing Services that is well experienced, reliable, and thorough with the latest medical billing practices and environment.

We keep medical billing trouble free & apparent for our clients

The Kirat as a prominent Medical Billing Company, work with the aim to take off the load of executive or administrative work from our valuable clients, i.e. the healthcare providers, so that they can focus on their noble profession and the other core competencies. At the same time, we provide customized integrated and advanced Medical Billing solutions to the providers, in order to make the complex medical billing process transparent, hassle free and well maintained. In order to save the time, effort, and resources of our clients, we try to make the medical billing process simple, straight, and apparent.

Why choose us

As a team of qualified, experienced, and committed Medical Billing Specialists, we follow a well-defined process to achieve the results, which our clients can measure, verify, and appreciate. Below are the key features of our approach towards the medical billing process:

  • Stepwise Approach: Follow a stepwise approach, stick to the defined process and don’t miss out on any aspect or step making our procedure foolproof.
  • Focus on 100% Collection: Our staff or certified and experienced medical professionals work hard to ensure that 100% claims of our clients are paid; hence, we are able to minimize the average rejection rate to just fewer than 2%.
  • HIPAA Compliance: We thoroughly understand the confidentiality and secrecy concerns of our clients and hence, we make sure that all our staff thoroughly read, understand, sign, and comply with the issued HIPAA guidelines in this regard.
  • Transparent Two Way Communication:The clear, precise, and apparent two ways communication is the key to healthy working relationship and environment between our clients and us. It also eliminates any communication or process gap.
  • Vigilant Quality Checking:Our vigilant and experienced quality team keeps a close eye on every process individually, i.e. Claim Submission, Eligibility Verification, Payment posting, Denial Management, etc. in order to ensure that the error free and most accurate billing process is being followed.

We have a defined process and hence, we do not miss out even on the minute of patient information or process detail. This is the reason that Kirat has gained the faith and trust of its huge number of clients in a short span of time.

Our qualified and experienced staff of medical professionals is always updated with latest medical billing and healthcare industry practices. We also keep our clients updated and informed about every latest news, update, or piece of information.