Way of Kirat....

It is what we hope to accomplish. It is how we will achieve our goals.

Visions of Kirat.......

Kirat will be the leading supplier of electronic health record technology and outsourcing solutions enabling provider satisfaction through the delivery of superior patient care in a cost-effective manner.

Mission of Kirat.........

Kirat delivers the most effective blend of people and technology to enhance our customer's ability to provide quality healthcare and give them the personal touch and there value for money.

Values of Kirat...

Teamwork: We are a diverse and cohesive team. We trust, respect and hold one another accountable for accomplishing a common goal while encouraging mentoring in a fun environment.  

Change: We embrace change. We will create, communicate, implement and measure the results of change to achieve a higher level of performance success and growth.  

Growth: We encourage personal and professional development enabled through a secure and dynamic work environment. We succeed when our customers embrace our solutions to improve the use of healthcare information to enhance the quality of patient care.  

Recognition: We recognize and promote superior performance, individual integrity, continual development and commitment to our core values.  

Customer satisfaction: We consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering high quality and timely solutions with a commitment to excellence. 


Achievement: We pledge to identify, measure and recognize employee achievement attained with excellence and integrity for the benefit of our customers and community.